We are very happy to share that we (AppsWeb) are a group of experts that creates Beautiful Websites, Great secured wordpress websites, Provides Magento development Services and Ethical, white-hat organic SEO Services for Business of all size.


I have been exploring new opportunities to get this skills before clients and for that definitely you might need a professional environment. Previously i have been trying freelancer.com, odesk.com, guru.com and elance.com but each one of this has got limitations and makes it difficult for your skills to reach before the right client because of absence of filtration and technical review process. Everyday hundreds of freelancers bid of projects but its a shame that their technical team are not able to review bulk of bids since there is no assessment or limit on apply process which does not set experts as unique.

I recently came across one of the great platform which we cant say just as a biddding portal, but might say “Hire best Talent” Platform which is given a name

Now lets closely analyze which are the features that sets TopTal portal a unique one and best portal and platform for finding best talents and skillsets.

1) Detail assessment and questionnaire directly when a freelancer signs up first time.

2) There’s a separate technical team for code review and profile review that executes screen-test and based on that they approve profile. Ideally out of all profiles applied everyday only 3% of profiles are eligible to be approved. “Now that’s what we call, accuracy with precision”.

3) Accurate terms and conditions and keeping things transparent to avoid misunderstanding.

4) Checking availability in terms of hours to make sure whether it fits with deadline or requirement of client and also checking with duration of availability like for a short term or a available for long term.

Very excited to apply under skillset WordPress & category Web  and looking forward to find the accurate client looking for our skillsets.

So experts, what are you waiting for ? Visit Toptal and apply for great contracts to be signed with genuine clients and start working.


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